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Being unique and different is what makes each of us special.


The UNIQUE bracelet has been specially designed by Wald & Ström to help raise awareness about autism. By purchasing a UNIQUE bracelet, you are helping to support KIND (Center of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Karolinska Institutet) which is a competence center for research, development and education in the field of neuropsychiatric disabilities (NPF).

The bracelets are made in silver and sky-blue waxed cotton cord.

One size fits all. The bracelets are made to order.

You can even choose to support KIND by ordering a UNIQUE necklace, a UNIQUE pin or UNIQUE cufflinks. Click on the pictures below for more information. 


Do you want something extra beautiful to wear or offer as a gift, while making a larger contribution to KIND ? 


On special order we also provide the entire range of UNIQUE jewellery in 18 ct. gold.

Let us know if you are interested on our site’s contact page!

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