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Wald & Ström was founded by Marianne Waldenström in 2015, while she was living in Montreal, Canada.

Now in Sweden, Marianne designs and handcrafts every piece of jewellery and custom-made items in her workshop in Stockholm. She works with gold and silver, and most of the pieces presented on this website can be ordered in either metal. Simply contact Marianne if you have any questions. 

"The fact that all of my jewellery is handmade is important to me. I can give every piece a unique aspect, and it enables me to put all of my creativity and passion into what I do.
I love to do custom work, so don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss a special order. Every new project is an opportunity to create something that has never been made before.”

You can write to Marianne in Swedish, French or English.

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